Crinkle Coverlet

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Crinkle Coverlet

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Crinkle Coverlet
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Why you'll love it

Make your bed look as good as it feels with our Crinkle Coverlet. Soft, lightweight, and textured for elevated comfort. Final Sale - No Trial, Returns, or Exchanges. See Terms.

  • Available in 4 colorways
  • 100% cotton shell
  • Textured layer for styling or snuggling
  • Part of the new Dawn Collection for spring

Don't Lose Sleep

  • 100% cotton

Final Sale: no trial, returns, or exchanges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Like a firm and aesthetic blanket, a bed coverlet is somewhere between a thin bedspread and a quilt. That means it can fit inside or on top of your bedding layers. There are several ways to use a lightweight coverlet set:


  • Decoration – Give a decorative layer to your entire bed with a coverlet blanket. Lay it folded over your bed’s footer, on top of bedding, or across the bottom of the bed.
  • Backup comfort – Stay ready for any temperature changes with a coverlet at the foot of your bed. On chilly nights, you can easily pull this extra layer over your top layers. And for a quick nap, our Crinkle Coverlet is the perfect single layer to snuggle under.
  • Extra warmth – During colder seasons, layer a coverlet between your duvet and bed sheet for a boost of warmth.

As bedding layers, both add warmth and comfort. However, their uses vary greatly. A coverlet is a much lighter piece of bedding often used for bed styling or light comfort, while a comforter is a heavier piece of bedding often used for warmth.


Coverlet bedspreads are multi-use—they can be decorative, supplementary, or integral parts of your bed coverings. Their thinner, single-layer design means lightweight coverage and easy removability. One day, you can layer a coverlet beneath your comforter for extra snuggles and the next, you can fold it at the foot of your bed for a pop of color.


Comforters have one primary use—they stay on top of your bedding for heavy warmth during colder months. Most comforters also have two layers: a thicker filling and a shell. When spring arrives, you can replace it with a lighter quilt and coverlet, storing the comforter for next fall.

Some people use blanket and coverlet interchangeably—and they’re pretty similar! But there are a few key differences between the two.


Both are thinner, single-layer pieces of bedding. However, a blanket is usually more plush and part of your bedding (layered between your comforter or quilt and your sheets). Coverlets often have unique patterns and designs, working as bed layers or solo pieces. Our Casper Crinkle Coverlet pairs a chic ridged texture with 100% cotton—perfect for style or snuggles.

Absolutely! On warmer nights, pair your bed coverlet and sheets for lightweight comfort. And for year-round bedroom style, place your coverlet over your bedding during the day.

Technically, you could, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Most duvet covers require a specific inner layer that fills the shell. A coverlet is usually too thin and textured to fill a duvet cover properly.

It depends on the season and the sleeper!

During the warmer months and in hotter climates, most people don’t need a comforter—a soft coverlet and sheets are exactly enough for a comfortable night’s sleep. Similarly, hot sleepers may choose a coverlet over a comforter for most of the year—in those cases, a coverlet is plenty warm.