Are Hybrid Mattresses Good? 4 Reasons Why You Need One

October 22, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

Fact checked by Jonathan Eilenberg, CPE

Updated 05/24/2024

If you’ve never heard of a hybrid mattress, you’re in for a dream-like discovery. A hybrid mattress combines the innerspring layer of a traditional mattress with additional cushioning layers. 

The result? 

A combination of the best mattress support and the best comfort layer. But are hybrid mattresses good for sleep? To discover more, read on for the benefits of owning this versatile mattress type.

Each of our hybrid mattresses is made to give you the support your body needs and the comfort you crave. Whether you want a more plush feel or a mattress designed to ease aches and pains, we have one that will do just that.

Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

There’s a reason why hybrid mattresses have gained popularity—in fact, there are a few! By combining innerspring and non-spring layers, hybrid mattresses deliver the best of both worlds, boosting each material’s advantages while minimizing their drawbacks. To learn how these differ, check out our comparison of a hybrid vs. innerspring mattress.

Curious if a hybrid bed is the best mattress for you and the key to your best night yet? Let’s break down the four main benefits of hybrid mattress beds.1

#1 Balanced Comfort & Support

A traditional innerspring mattress type has that “bouncy” resiliency that many associate with high-caliber mattresses. But over time, this firm mattress surface can take a toll on your body. On the other hand, all-foam mattresses have a cloud-like coziness, but the foam layers can reduce physical stability and trap heat if you’re a hot sleeper

Enter hybrid mattresses. 

With the best hybrid mattress, you don’t have to choose between comfort and support. To create a superior sleep experience, hybrid mattresses layer these materials to extract their benefits:2

  • Innerspring coils – Usually made of steel, innerspring coils provide durability, airflow, and bounce to a firm mattress. At Casper, we prefer encased coils for their edge support, durability, and strength, like those found in our Dream Hybrid mattress.
  • Memory foam mattress – Created in 1966, memory foam adds plush comfort. The body-molding ability of a memory foam mattress particularly supports side sleeping, back sleeping, and pressure relief on the joints.
  • Polyfoam – Memory foam and polyfoam are made from the same polyurethane foam material. However, polyfoam is less dense and more responsive to pressure.
  • Latex – Either natural latex or man-made, latex cushions and molds to the body like foam. However, this latex foam layer has more bounce and retains less heat.
  • Gel – Either in pods or layers, gel can regulate a bed’s temperature and add anatomical support. Usually, gel is used to offset the heat-trapping density of memory foam or the firmness level of a box spring.

#2 Temperature Regulation & Airflow

One major drawback to single-layer mattresses? They usually have zero temperature regulation. Dense foam mattresses lack airflow, which can trap your body heat and create an uncomfortable sleeping environment. 

Hybrid mattresses offset foam’s heat retention with a breathable innerspring base. Other factors, like cooling gel foam layers or porous foams (such as Casper’s AirScape® technology), also boost temperature regulation.

#3 Pain Relief & Physical Alignment

If back pain creeps up on you overnight and causes you to wake up sore, the culprit might be your mattress. A hybrid design might be your solution.

Hybrid mattresses are more than comfortable—they also support your spinal alignment depending on your sleeping position. While foam layers add instant pressure relief, innerspring layers offer just enough firmness to “lift” the body. The combined softness and support of hybrid mattresses works particularly well for:

  • Side sleeping
  • Back sleeping
  • Pressure relief
  • Back or hip pain
  • Overall spinal alignment

#4 No Box Spring Needed

Whenever you’re buying a new mattress or bed, you might be wondering, do you need a box spring? With a hybrid mattress, you can say goodbye to box springs. Hybrid mattresses are sturdy enough to sit on top of less clunky bases, like slatted platforms or metal bases. Unlike a spring mattress, all you need is a simple foundation, like Casper’s stylish Platform Bed Frame, and you’re all set to sleep.

Find Full Relief with a Casper Hybrid Mattress

Is a hybrid mattress good for sleep? The answer is a resounding yes. Most people will appreciate the harmonious balance of qualities that only a hybrid bed can provide. It’s support, coziness, and cooling all in one!

If you want to make the switch to hybrid, Casper is the perfect place to start your search. Between our Original, Nova, and Wave Hybrid mattresses, you can select the specific design that matches your unique sleep needs within our mattress company. With a Casper hybrid mattress, there’s no more tossing and turning—only balanced comfort for restful nights.


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