8 Benefits of Sleeping Naked: Do You Sleep With Clothes?

May 28, 2020 | Casper Editorial Team

While sleeping naked may not be your first choice now, you might want to consider the potential benefits before slipping into your PJs tonight. Effective and deep sleep plays a huge role in your overall health and there are a number of alarming sleep statistics that indicate that Americans aren’t getting the sleep they need. In fact, 68 percent of Americans report having trouble falling asleep at least once a week.
Insomnia and other sleep disorders are driving people towards supplementary bedtime rituals, from bedtime yoga to consistent nightly routines that help you decompress. In the case of dressing or not dressing at bedtime, many studies tell us that less is more. Sleeping naked boasts many science-backed advantages that can help you get a better night’s sleep and positively impact your overall health.
In addition to laying out the benefits of sleeping naked, we also surveyed Americans to see if people are incorporating this into their routine and why. Of the 28.5 percent of respondents that reported sleeping naked, most say they do it for comfort. However, there are several health benefits many are unaware of. Read on to learn about the different health benefits and our survey results — you might pick up a new bedtime habit along the way.

Less Is More: Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

There are various health benefits associated with sleeping naked including better sleep quality, stress reduction, skin health, reproductive health, body image, and intimacy. Many of these health advantages are interconnected but they can roughly be broken down into three main categories: mental, physical, and sexual health. We’ll explore those benefits in-depth below along with additional tips to get the most out of each health advantage.

1. Fall Asleep Faster and Sleep Deeper

Creating a sleep environment within the ideal temperature range can have an immense impact on the quality of your sleep. The best temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Sleeping nude can help decrease your body’s temperature and help you achieve higher quality sleep. If you get too warm while you sleep, it can disrupt your REM cycle.
A decrease in body temperature also acts as a biological cue for your body to go to sleep. Sleeping nude can help you quickly decrease your temperature and fall asleep faster, which can lead to more dependable sleep that’s consistent with proper sleep hygiene.

2. Decrease Stress and Stabilize Your Mood

Since sleeping nude can help lower your body temperature and produce higher quality sleep, dozing off in the buff can help decrease stress too. A study run by The Journal of Gerontology that studied sleep patterns and their effects showed an intimate relationship between sleep and stress levels. There is also evidence that treating insomnia has a positive effect on overall mood, according to a study presented by the American Psychological Association that focused on treating insomnia and studying the secondary effects on mood.

  • Boost the Benefit: Incorporate yoga or stretching into your bedtime routine to relieve tension and increase blood flow.

3. Increase Self Esteem and Confidence

One study found that spending more time naked improved participants’ self-esteem and decreased body image dissatisfaction. The study also cited the cultural impacts on body image and how even just spending more time naked can help overcome those mental blocks and unrealistic standards. Since it’s typically harder to spend time in your birthday suit as you go about your day, try making it a habit as you’re getting ready to hit the sheets so you can get your daily dose of nudity-induced confidence.

  • Boost the Benefit: As you’re winding down from your day, take time to acknowledge your accomplishments or recenter yourself through meditation.

4. Prevent Weight Gain and Boost Metabolism

In a systematic review, published by the Obesity Society, there were a multitude of studies reviewed that further proved the relationship between reduced sleep being linked to weight gain. Stripping down before bed can help you maintain or fix your sleeping schedule, and achieve the full recommended seven to nine hours associated with a healthier weight.

  • Boost the Benefit: Try limiting your eating window to 10 hours per day and try not to eat meals within two to three hours of bedtime.

5. Maintain Healthy Skin

Getting your beauty sleep is more than skin deep. Aside from reducing signs of aging in the skin, the deeper sleep achieved while sleeping naked also helps your skin heal wounds faster, according to this study published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology journal. They created blisters on participants using suction and then measured how the skin’s healing process corresponded to the participant’s sleep.

  • Boost the Benefit: Maintain a consistent skincare routine of washing and moisturizing before bed.

6. Support Female Reproductive Health

Sleeping sans underwear is said to have a positive impact on vaginal health. Wearing underwear that’s too tight can increase a woman’s risk of developing a yeast infection so many gynecologists will recommend going commando as a preventative measure. If you’re not the most comfortable going without undergarments to bed, loose-fitting cotton underwear is another great option.

  • Boost the Benefit: Invest in underwear that’s 100 percent cotton to wear during the day.

7. Protect Male Fertility

Studies, such as this one from the Journal of Andrology, have shown that the type of underwear a man wears (or lack thereof) can have a huge impact on sperm count and fertility. Tighter-fitting underwear creates higher temperatures that can damage sperm. Wearing no underwear to bed is recommended to maintain an ideal temperature but loose-fitting boxers are a close second.

  • Boost the Benefit: Make loose boxers your primary underwear choice.

8. Boost Intimacy With Your Partner

Some of the benefits of sleeping naked with your partner need no explanation. This study, released by Frontiers in Psychology, focused on the effects of skin-on-skin contact between adults. Their results showed that “oxytocin is released in response to low-intensity stimulation of the skin, e.g… touch, stroking.”
This suggests that sleeping nude with your partner can help increase skin contact and, in turn, produce a higher oxytocin release than clothed cuddling. Try a sleeping position with your partner that promotes contact. Exchanging pre-bedtime massages is another great way to boost oxytocin and reduce overall stress.

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Only 29% of People Reported That They Sleep Naked

We surveyed 1,000 Americans about their sleeping habits to understand if people are taking advantage of the benefits of sleeping naked. 28.5 percent of our respondents reported that they sleep naked but not everyone strips down every night. Of those who sleep naked here’s how often they do:

  • Every day: 16.3%
  • A few days a week: 7%
  • Once a week: 5.1%
  • Monthly: 0.2%

The remaining 71.5 percent reported that they never sleep naked. If sleeping in the nude is so good for your body, why do so few of us actually do it? There are some obvious situations that would make sleeping naked a bit of a hindrance like using the restroom, grabbing a late-night snack, or responding to an emergency — nothing that a good old fashioned robe can’t fix though.


For those who do sleep in the buff, are they hoping to gain those health benefits, or are there other factors at play? The top rationale for those who reported that they do sleep nude includes increased comfort, a cooler temperature, better sleep, boosted intimacy, perceived health benefits, and increased confidence.


If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of hitting the sheets au naturel, try removing clothing layers to your comfort level (like ditching your undergarments), and experience the benefits for yourself. To lower your sleeping temperature even further, try a cooling mattress.

Survey Methodology
This study was completed using Google Surveys and the sample consisted of no less than 1,000 completed responses per question. Post-stratification weighting has been applied to ensure a reliable and accurate representation of the total population. In reporting the survey results of the reasoning behind why Americans sleep naked, only answers from those who reported they sleep nude were included in the breakdown. The survey ran during May 2020.