Casper Original vs. Hybrid Mattress (2022): What’s the Difference?

August 3, 2022 | Casper Editorial Team

Are you on the lookout for your new sleep haven? If so, you’ve come to the right place. When perusing our award-winning mattresses, you may have noticed that our Casper® Original Mattresses are available in two versions: the Casper® Original Mattress and the Casper® Original Hybrid Mattress.

So, Casper Original vs Hybrid mattresses: What’s the difference, and which is the one for you? The short answer is that the Casper Original is all foam while the Casper Original Hybrid includes a layer of resilient springs, but there’s more to it than that. In this guide, we’ll compare each mattress’s performance, construction, pricing, and more. 

Casper® Original Mattress

Engineered for cool and comfortable sleep, the Casper® Original Mattress is our most popular mattress. Made of all foam, it’s the perfect combination of support, cooling, and comfort. The Casper® Original’s premium foam conforms to your body to relieve pressure when you tuck in for the night. 

The Casper Original is a good fit for:

  • Budget sleepers
  • Those who want a medium level of support
  • Those who prefer motion isolation as they sleep
  • Those with joint or back pain

For a more in-depth look inside the Original, check out the video below. 

Casper® Original Hybrid Mattress

The Casper® Original Hybrid Mattress is similar to the Casper Original, as they share premium foam layers — but its base layer also includes springs. Those hundreds of resilient springs add lift, airflow, edge support, and a bit of bounce. Those extra benefits make the Casper® Original Hybrid our highest-rated mattress across the board. 

Here’s a full list of what the hybrid adds:

  • More support
  • Extra lift and bounce
  • Added airflow
  • More durability 

The Casper Original Hybrid is a good fit for people who:

  • Sleep hot
  • Want extra support throughout the night

Original vs. Hybrid: Performance Compared

Here are several performance comparisons between the Original and Hybrid mattresses: 

  Casper Original Casper Original Hybrid
Height 11″ 11″
Weight (Queen) 79 lbs 91 lbs
Foam Layers Yes Yes
Spring Layer No Yes
Price (Queen) $1,295 $1,695
10-year Warranty Yes Yes
Cooling AirScape™ technology AirScape™ technology + springs for airflow


Both the Original and the Hybrid feature our AirScape™ technology, an innovative cooling system that uses thousands of perforations to circulate air. That means that body heat has somewhere to go throughout the night, flowing out and away from your bed. It allows you to stay nice and cool while you snooze. 

While both mattress options feature this technology, the Hybrid’s spring layer provides even more airflow. Therefore, if you sleep hot, you may gravitate towards the Hybrid. 

Motion Transfer

The premium foam layers of both the Original and the Hybrid mattresses are excellent at isolating motion. Since the Original is all foam, it isolates motion best. That means you won’t bother your partner if you’re moving around at night trying to get comfortable. The Hybrid, on the other hand, has a little bit more of a bouncy feeling to it. 

Edge Support

The Hybrid includes a firmer border with edge support, helping you get in and out of bed easily. The Original’s premium foam also ensures there’s no sagging feeling when you sit on the edge of the bed. 


Both the Original and the Hybrid are designed with our innovative support system called Zoned Support™. The design includes three zones of targeted support for proper alignment and night-long comfort. Softer foam around the shoulders can provide more relief to the upper body, while firmer foam under the hips, waist, and lower back can help align your spine.


Casper mattresses are specifically designed with long-term durability and resilience in mind. Casper mattresses are here to support you for around a decade — provided they’re properly taken care of. 

When comparing the Casper Original vs. Hybrid, the Hybrid’s added layer of sturdy springs makes it even more durable to stand the test of time. 

Original vs. Hybrid: Construction Compared

Curious about the specs? Here are the dimension and construction similarities and differences between the Original and the Hybrid mattresses.


The Original and Hybrid have the same basic dimensions. Here are the dimensions for each mattress size: 

  • Twin: 38″ x 75″ x 11″
  • Twin XL: 38″ x 80″ x 11″
  • Full: 53″ x 75″ x 11″
  • Queen: 60″ x 80″ x 11″
  • King: 76″ x 80″ x 11″
  • California King: 72″ x 84″ x 11″


Because of the added spring layer, the Hybrid mattress is a few pounds heavier than the Original. Here’s each mattress’s weight: 


  • Twin Original: 46 lbs
  • Twin XL Original: 50 lbs
  • Full Original: 67 lbs
  • Queen Original: 79 lbs
  • King Original: 101 lbs
  • California King Original: 100 lbs


  • Twin Original Hybrid: 53 lbs
  • Twin XL Original Hybrid: 57 lbs
  • Full Original Hybrid: 76 lbs
  • Queen Original Hybrid: 91 lbs
  • King Original Hybrid: 112 lbs
  • California King Original Hybrid: 114 lbs


Both mattresses feature the same soft cover, which is made with up to 57 recycled bottles. If you want to protect your mattress against even more tough stains or spills, check out our waterproof mattress protector.


The Original features all-foam layers, while the Hybrid includes a layer with springs. Here’s a description of each layer:

  • Top layer: breathable polyurethane foam.
  • Second layer: zoned memory foam.
  • Base (Original): polyurethane foam.
  • Base (Hybrid): polyurethane foam with encased springs.


Both mattresses are 11 inches tall. Casper mattresses range from 11” to 13” so you can find the perfect mattress height for the level of support and plushness you’re looking for. 

Original vs. Hybrid: Price, Warranty, and Setup Compared

Almost ready to pick your new mattress? Here are some comparisons on price, returns, and warranties. 


Because of the added spring layer, the Hybrid is priced slightly higher than the all-foam Original. Here’s an overview of the price differences below:


  • Twin Original: $895
  • Twin XL Original: $995
  • Full Original: $1,195
  • Queen Original: $1,295
  • King Original: $1,695
  • California King Original: $1,695


  • Twin Original Hybrid: $1,295
  • Twin XL Original Hybrid: $1,395
  • Full Original Hybrid: $1,595
  • Queen Original Hybrid: $1,695
  • King Original Hybrid: $2,095
  • California King Original Hybrid: $2,095


Both the Hybrid and the Original are subject to a 10-year Limited Mattress Warranty. At Casper, we offer free shipping and free returns in the US and Canada, though additional shipping fees apply to Alaska and Hawaii. 


The setup process for both mattresses is the same. To set up your Casper mattress, remove it from the box and let it unroll in the plastic wrap around it until it lays flat. Then remove the plastic wrap. Wait for the mattress to fully expand and then it’s ready to use. 

Remember that it can take your body around 30 days to fully adjust to your new mattress and break it in. 

Return Policy

We give you 100-nights to try your Original or Hybrid mattress for free. Returns are free and easy anytime after the 30-Night Adjustment Period. 

Sleep Positions

At Casper, we design our mattresses to support every sleeping position. However, here are some additional considerations for each type of sleeper. 

Back sleepersBoth mattresses offer great support for back sleepers and can keep your spine aligned.

Side sleepersPremium foam in both mattresses can support and cushion the shoulders and hips, where the most pressure is placed for side sleepers.

Stomach sleepersStomach sleepers need medium-firm to firm support that may relieve pressure and keep their spine aligned. The Casper Original’s foam padding will conform to their shape and can relieve pressure.

Combination sleepers — Sleepers who tend to shift positions at night may find that the added bounce of the Hybrid is more comfortable for moving around.


Is the Casper® Original or Hybrid softer?

The Casper® Original Hybrid may feel slightly softer than the Casper® Original due to the added bounce from the spring layer. 

Is the Casper® Original Hybrid good for side sleepers?

Side sleepers need something that’s not too hard and not too soft. They need a combo of comfort and support on their hips and shoulders, where most pressure is placed. Both the Casper® Original and Casper® Original Hybrid have a medium-firm feel, so they are great options for side sleepers. 

Now that we’ve gone through all the differences, you can choose which Casper mattress is right for you. Though we’re big fans of both, you can use the comparisons above to decide whether the Casper® Original or Hybrid is the right choice for you. Or, if you want something more plush, check out the Casper® Nova Hybrid. For the most supportive and ergonomic option, pay a visit to the Casper® Wave Hybrid