How to Keep Sheets on Your Bed

July 30, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

A restful night’s sleep on your favorite set of bed sheets is nothing short of divine… until you wake up in the morning in the middle of a breakfast bedsheet burrito. Maybe you tossed and turned a bit more than you realized, but somehow you’ve wound up as the main filling packed uncomfortably inside of a textile tortilla. Maybe your linen sheets are to blame or maybe they’re just not equipped with the proper tools to keep them from shifting around as you sleep. 

Whatever the reason, you deserve to start your day with a clear, tangle-free path to the morning coffee pot. Keep reading to find out how to keep sheets on your bed and what might be causing them to fall off in the first place. 

With the perfect pair of luxurious sheets, you’ll be sleeping snug and soundly. Casper’s selection of sheets are the perfect addition to your bed setup.

Why Your Sheets Are Falling Off 

Even if you’re a diligent, daily bed-maker, your flat sheet or fitted sheet still might be finding ways of slipping off the corners of your mattress and around your ankles mid-slumber. Here’s a look at what might be behind this sleep-interrupting jumble.

Too Much Slip and Not Enough Grip

What materials are your bed sheets made from? You may love the texture of satin sheets as you slip into bed at night, but your mattress might not. 

If you’re not using a mattress topper already, it could help to invest in one now. In addition to adding an extra layer of comfort, the friction it creates between your mattress and your silky fitted sheet could help to ensure the fabric stays put. 

Improper Size and Placement

When was the last time you measured the pocket depth of your fitted bed sheet? If you’re wondering how to keep a fitted bed sheet on the bed, you may want to take a look at it’s pocket depth. 

Whether you have a Tencel or cotton sheet, start at one of the corners that lay flat on the mattress and measure down to the elastic band that hugs around it. If it’s too shallow of a fit, this could be causing the corners to slide up the sides of your mattress and pop off as you move around at night. Never underestimate the power of mattress-sheet synergy. Be sure to buy a fitted sheet with the proper pocket potential for your mattress thickness

4 Ways to Keep Your Bed Sheets in Place

You’ve triple-checked the sizing of your sheets and even invested in a mattress topper that’s added a layer of cloud-like luxury to your bed. But you still seem to be fighting the same bedtime battle night after night. It might be time to call in for backup. 

If you’re still wondering how to keep bed sheets in place, one of these solutions will help ensure your sheets stay snug to your mattress with :

#1 Rubber Bands

No, not the small ones that you store on doorknobs and in your kitchen junk drawer. We’re talking about elastic bands that can be stretched around the perimeter of your mattress. Place your fitted sheet over your bed as usual and then secure it with one of these oversized sheet huggers. 

#2 Suspenders

Give your mattress a hipster glow-up with a set of sheet suspenders. In the same way that they secure a pair of trousers, these suspender-like straps can also clip onto the corners of your fitted sheet to help keep it in place. And, since the length is adjustable, these sheet grippers would be a great fit for just about any size mattress. 

#3 DIY Sheet Straps 

If you’d rather make do with what you’ve got, get creative and rummage through your supply closet to see what materials are available for an at-home hack. Sew in your own elastic strap on each corner if you’re handy with a needle and thread. Or, if you’re really in a pinch, a few safety pins could serve as a quick fix until you’re able to find a more permanent solution. 

#4 Upgrade

How often should you buy new sheets? Is there a clear-cut way to tell? If your fitted sheet is too small for your mattress, you may consider repurposing it and pairing it with a more appropriately sized mattress around your home. Alternatively, it can be normal for sheets to stretch out and lose their elasticity over time. Fitted sheets that are too large for their corresponding mattresses will definitely be prone to slip as well. Now that you’re a more informed sheet-shopper, it might be time to replace the ones you’ve got with a fresh set from Casper.

Whether you prefer the cozy yet luscious look of sateen sheets, the soft, light feel of percale sheets, or the breathability of cooling sheets, we have something that will have you covered. 

Shop the Casper Sheet Sets

Getting sufficient quality sleep goes hand in hand with the comfort level of what you’re sleeping on. Don’t cut corners when it comes to choosing a sheet set that won’t leave you tied up in knots. 

Whether you’re looking for something ultralight or super-soft, Casper cares about matching the right bedding to your preferences. Browse our bed sheet collection today to find the perfect fit for your bed.


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