How To Raise A Platform Bed

April 21, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

Platform beds are popular because of their versatility and convenience. The main difference between a panel bed vs platform bed is that platform beds come with a built-in mattress foundation, meaning there’s no need for accessories that provide additional support. But the absence of something like a box spring means that many platform beds are low off the ground, which may not be your preferred style. 

If you currently own a platform bed or you’re considering purchasing one, you’re not stuck with this height. 

Here are some simple and creative solutions for how to raise a platform bed.

Determining the Perfect Height for Your Bed

The height of your bed depends on how deep your mattress is and how low the frame sits. 

A typical mattress can land between 8 to 18 inches deep, while the average modern bed height is roughly 25 inches. 1The ideal bed height varies from person to person, and many types of platform beds tend to have a lower profile than box spring beds. 

You might want to consider raising your platform bed if:

  • You’re too tall for your bed
  • You’re elderly or have back pain, making it difficult to go from sitting on your bed to standing
  • You need the storage space underneath your bed base

If you’re nodding along to any of these, let’s discuss some ways to raise your low bed.

1. Fly Higher with Risers

Bed risers are a simple and cost-effective way to raise the top of your bed. Typically made of wood, metal, or plastic, bed risers are small support stands that are placed under the legs of the bed—thus raising the entire bed a few inches.

Different Materials for Risers

Which material is right for your situation?

Plastic risers are usually the cheapest option, but they might not last as long as steel or look as stylish as solid wood. Additionally, metal and wooden platform bed risers are more durable and can hold a lot more weight. Always be sure to check the bed riser weight capacity and include both the weight of your bed and you in your calculations.2

Regardless of which bed riser material you choose, you may want to hide them from plain view. To do this, consider a bed skirt that matches the room’s color.

Different Sizes for Risers

Risers also come in different sizes, so you’ll want to calculate how many inches you need to add to your regular bed height before purchasing your set. If you’re not entirely sure where you want your bed to sit, you can also buy stackable or adjustable risers.

When installing your platform bed risers, be sure to remove the mattress from the platform bed frame to make it as light as possible. Have someone help you lift the bed so you can safely fit the risers to the legs. Then reassemble, add your bed skirt, and enjoy your new bed with suspension.

2. Top Off Your Mattress With a Mattress Topper

Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t really need the extra space underneath your bed base. If installing bed risers sounds like a hassle, there’s another, more convenient solution for how to raise mattress on platform bed: a mattress topper.

Give your bed a cushioned makeover with the Casper Mattress Topper, which offers an extra level of plush padding and a few extra inches of height. With three layers of comfort and breathable latex foam that keeps you cool as you sleep, you’ll be fast asleep on cloud nine.

3. Put Your Bed on Wheels

Installing wheels on your bed can be a little more involved than other DIY platform bed raising options, but they can add some height to your low bed and offer additional flexibility. If you like to redecorate and move around your furniture often, having your platform bed frame on wheels can be a huge plus. It also makes cleaning out all those pesky dust bunnies underneath that much easier. 

If this option sounds enticing, ensure that the wheels have simple locking mechanisms. This will prevent your bed from sliding while you sleep.

Spring for an Adjustable Bed with Casper

If none of these options work for you, and you’re ready to splurge on the bed that’s just right, you can take your sleep game to the next level. With the Casper adjustable bed frames, you can set your bed to the perfect height and angle—whether it’s time for a full night’s rest or Sunday morning coffee in bed. 

Plus, if you have a partner whose sleep needs are different than yours, the adjustable bed frame comes with a split option so that neither of you has to compromise your comfort.

With the adjustable bed frame, you benefit from incredible snooze-and-improved features, including:

  • Full-body adjustability
  • Wireless remote control
  • USB ports for easy charging
  • Split King option
  • Zero-gravity and anti-snore preset positions
  • Saves your favorite positions

Or if you want a simple platform bed, we’ve got you covered too! The Casper Platform Bed comes in a stylish, sleek aluminum made to last. And if it’s not tall enough, you can always add risers or a mattress topper.

Cater to your platform bed needs, and sink a little deeper into dreamland with Casper. It’s relaxation, comfort, and convenience all wrapped into one.

Adjustable Beds

Our remote-controlled adjustable beds help you customize your position for blissful, all-night sleep


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