What Is A Split Queen Mattress?

February 23, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

If you and your partner are in the market for a new mattress, you may have serious conversations over one key point: support.

Some like their mattress type as firm as a board, others like their mattress type as soft as a cloud. So even if you prefer a hybrid mattress and your partner loves the gel foam, you can have both in one split queen adjustable bed. If you and your sleeping buddy sit firmly on opposite ends of the support spectrum, you may want to consider a double sided mattress that caters to your two different comfort levels and mattress construction.

This may lead you to consider a split queen mattress.

Here, we’ll outline the details of a split queen mattress — often referred to as a dual queen — and explain the difference between this and a standard queen.

Split Queen vs. Standard Queen Mattress

So what is a split queen mattress? A split queen size mattress is kind of like opting for a half pepperoni, half cheese pizza when you and your partner can’t agree on what to get. A split queen bed is a dual queen size mattress consisting of two mattresses that each measure 30 inches by 80 inches. Put together; they make up a standard queen size of 60 inches by 80 inches.1 When it comes to the best bed size for couples; we believe a queen is just right. However, with a split queen, each mattress can be a different level of firmness, so you can always get what you want. 

So, the two queen varieties are equal in size, just different in composition. Split queen mattresses are specially made, and when put together, they will resemble a traditional queen size bed. When put together, they will resemble a traditional queen size bed and utilize traditional queen sheet sets.

There are also adjustable split queen beds out there, which simply means the split queen sits on an adjustable bed frame, typically controlled by a remote control. In many cases you may need to purchase a special sheet set or comforter.

When shopping for a mattress that will suit more than one comfort level, you have a couple of options:

  • Traditional queen – Even if you and your partner have wildly different mattress support preferences, you may be able to find a happy medium with a hybrid mattress.2 Hybrid mattresses offer the support of a spring mattress, but a softer sleeping experience. 
  • Split queen – When you know what you like, you don’t have to sacrifice. If you and your partner are head-over-heels for each of your unique mattress styles, a split queen gives you both exactly what you’re looking for. 

What to Consider Before Choosing a Split Queen

Customizable support means you are the master of your slumber when the sun goes down. 

When deciding between a standard queen and a split queen bed, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Are you a light sleeper? If your partner dances full ballets in their sleep and you are a light sleeper, you may like the versatility of a split bed. The separation of the two mattresses means you are floating in your own little cloud of support. 
  • Do you struggle with back or joint pain? Chronic back and joint pain can steal hundreds of hours of restful sleep from your life. An adjustable split bed allows you to customize your perfect sleeping position on a mattress with the right amount of support so you can wake up with fewer aches and pains.3
  • Are you a cuddler? Just because you and your partner don’t always agree on mattress firmness doesn’t mean you don’t want some quality time under the covers together. A split queen makes cuddling a bit more difficult as the mattresses could be completely different firmness levels and heights.
  • Do you have narrow hallways and door frames? Split queen mattresses make moving a breeze. Because the bed can be separated into different pieces and assembled onsite, you won’t have to worry about shoving your brand new mattress through tight spaces. For tips on fitting a queen bed in your room, check out our blog on how to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed.

Go Big or Go Home With Casper’s Split King Setup

While we don’t offer a split queen, we do offer a bigger and better option! If you want the benefits of a split bed but are looking for a little more room, we have got you covered with our split king! What is a split king bed, you ask? Our split king allows you to customize your sleep setup with full-body adjustability, a massage feature, and more. Also, our mattress-in-a-box model allows you to order your dream sleep sent directly to your door.

No matter what size or style of mattress you choose, we’ll have your back (literally). We’ve got you covered with top-of-the-line memory foam and hybrid mattresses, foam and down pillows, adjustable bed frames, and even weighted blankets. With a little help from Casper, you’ll never compromise on your sleep again.

Adjustable Beds

Our remote-controlled adjustable beds help you customize your position for blissful, all-night sleep


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