What Is The Best Bed Size For Couples?

February 23, 2021 | Casper Editorial Team

If you’re wondering what the best bed size for couples is, you might be on the cusp of a big change. Maybe you and your partner have decided to move in together. Or, maybe you both are ready to upgrade from the futon you’ve been sleeping on since you decided to call the same place home.

To ensure you’re on the right track to achieving the best sleep every night, you’ll want to conduct a bit of research to determine which mattress will help. We’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll outline the primary features of three mattress sizes couples commonly purchase: full, king, and queen. 

If you’re wondering why we end with a queen mattress, that’s because we think you’ll find it’s just right. 

When to Consider a Full Mattress 

A full mattress — also referred to as a double — is typically 53 inches wide by 75 inches long. People tend to gravitate toward full mattresses when outfitting their guest room or a smaller sleeping space. 

Couples shopping for a perfect-sized mattress should ask themselves the following questions when considering the full size bed option:

  • Do we like to cuddle?
  • How big is the space where the mattress is going?
  • What does our budget look like?
  • Are we living somewhere with 10 flights of stairs and no elevator?

Because a full has mattress dimensions on the smaller side — compared to a king or queen size mattress — you and your partner will practically be nose to nose when falling asleep. If that’s your preferred snooze status, you’re in luck. Full mattresses tend to be less expensive than their larger counterparts, so if you’re trying to save money for a romantic getaway, this could be just the ticket.1

Another benefit of a full mattress is its smaller size makes it easier to move — 10 flights of stairs will be a breeze (sort of). And once you’ve gotten the mattress in your home, it will fit snugly in any chosen corner. 

The obvious downside to this option is that you don’t have much wiggle room when falling asleep. If you tend to take up most of the bed, you may want to read on for more spacious options.

When to Consider a King Mattress

Standing tall and strong at 76 inches wide by 80 inches long, the king sized mattress is an ideal option for partners that like stretching room and prefer a little space when snoozing.

When looking for a mattress built for two, couples should ask themselves the following questions when considering the king size mattress option:

  • How much space do we have in the bedroom?
  • What is our budget — if we buy this giant mattress can we afford a nice bed frame?
  • How many flights of stairs are involved?
  • Do we have any four-legged snuggle partners?

The king is ideal for a large master bedroom (or one very lucky guest room) and is spacious enough for your cat, dog, or even a child if your little one doesn’t like to sleep alone.

Depending on what your king size bed is made of (i.e. foam vs. innerspring), where you buy your mattress, and what terms are involved, you could be looking at a bill of $1,000-$2,500.2 If a good night’s sleep is non-negotiable — we get it — this price point may be totally doable.

Just be prepared to hire movers to get this royal sleeper into your lovely abode if you ever change addresses — even the lightest weight kings can be unwieldy when moving. 

When to Consider a Queen Mattress

The standard queen mattress measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long and is the most popular mattress size, especially amongst couples. That sounds pretty great, right? But if either you or your partner (or both of you) are over six-feet tall, you may be wondering, Is a queen bed big enough for two? 

Unless you want to set up two separate pillow forts on either side of the bed, you’ll probably be just fine with queen mattress dimensions.

Couples considering the queen size bed option should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Is our master bedroom at least 10 x 10 square feet?
  • Do we want the option to cuddle and the option to have our own sleeping space?
  • What are our long-term plans for living together?

That last question may sound like a doozy if you’re in the early stages of a relationship, but the beauty of a queen size mattress is in its versatility. If you both plan to live together for the foreseeable future, you might want a mattress that fits the both of you comfortably and can be moved — whether that’s upstairs or cross country — with more ease than a king size mattress. 

Additionally, if you and your partner have different mattress firmness preferences, you may want to opt for a split queen. For more information on this mattress size, check out our blog on what a split queen mattress is.

Make it Official with Casper 

Finding the right mattress seems like it’s stressful — there are major factors to consider like budget, time-frame, room size, and more. But achieving the very best sleep with the person you love should never be a chore. In fact, it should be a dream come true and finding the right mattress is simpler than ever with Casper. 

At Casper, we make mattresses with the help of sleep experts and with your comfort in mind. Our proprietary foam technology will send you and your partner into dreamland in record time. 

Whether you’re a diehard cuddler or a “this is my side” sleeper, you’ll find exactly what you need at Casper.

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