We want everyone to get the best sleep possible, and know it takes a few nights, washes, and naps to get a feel for the difference Casper can make. With our risk-free trial and return policy, you can try Casper products in the comfort of your own home--pressure free.

We believe you should sleep on your mattress to decide if you like it (it can take the body 30 nights to adjust to a new mattress). We offer a 100-night trial on mattresses, and if you’re not 100% in love after the first 30-Night Adjustment Period, returns are free and easy.

Furniture, Soft Goods, and Accessories
It’s important to test out all your Casper products in your own sleep environment. We offer a 30-night trial on all other Casper products, so you can do just that.

When you purchase a Casper Bundle, all of the items in the bundle will have the same trial period. If your bundle includes a mattress, the entire bundle will have a 100-night trial period. If your bundle does not include a mattress, it will have a 30-night trial period and a 30-night adjustment period. Bundles must be returned in full — individual products from the bundle may not be returned alone.