What is Loungewear?

March 22, 2022 | Casper Editorial Team

It’s time to work on your loungewear game. Whether you work from home or you’re always out and about, we can all benefit from some cozy clothes to set the tone for a relaxing day at home. After all, there’s no use settling in to watch your favorite show if you’re stuck in uncomfortable clothing.

Loungewear is a category of comfy clothes that you can wear around your house or in a casual situation. This style of clothing helps you settle in and unwind after a long day and is there to provide you with the ultimate comfort. Keep reading to learn what loungewear is and how you can style it for daily comfort.

It’s bedtime somewhere. Cozy up with our line of dreamy wearables to keep the comfort lasting all day.

What Is Considered Loungewear?

Loungewear is any item or outfit that’s ideal for hanging out around your home. Everyone finds different pieces and styles comfortable, so it’s going to look different depending on your preferences. You can generally think of loungewear as something between pajamas and your favorite athletic wear.

Usually, people choose loungewear based on versatility and coziness. Our Snoozewear™ Blanket Robe combines the best characteristics of a luxury robe with your favorite duvet to take you from your bed to your TV binge session with ease. 

Is Loungewear the Same as Sleepwear?

There are many similarities between loungewear and sleepwear, but they’re not always the same thing. While you probably shouldn’t be wearing the same pajamas you slept in during the day, you can certainly wear your favorite clean pajama pants as loungewear.

Typically, loungewear is designed to be a bit more wearable than sleepwear. An old faded t-shirt might be perfect for falling asleep, but it probably won’t see the light of day. Loungewear can make you feel a bit more put together without having to break out the skinny jeans.

Loungewear Pros:

  • On-trend
  • Wear (almost) anywhere
  • Provides all-day comfort
  • Can dress it up for daytime wear

Loungewear Cons:

  • Not usually work appropriate (Unless you work from home!)

Sleepwear Pros:

  • Ideal for napping and dozing off
  • Most people already own these garments

Sleepwear Cons:

  • Daytime wear can negatively impact sleep
  • Not work appropriate
  • Not usually appropriate for public wear

Types of Loungewear

Now that we’ve cleared up what makes an item of clothing ideal for your day off, let’s go through some common types of loungewear.

1. Pajamas

Many people wear their regular pajamas as loungewear. This can range from t-shirts to matching sets. Unless you prefer to sleep naked, you should always consider changing into clean pajamas for lounging once you wake up for the day.

Wearing pajamas is a good option for days when you know you’ll be staying home all day (cue the embarrassing graphic tees). To level up your PJ game, go with a silk set. For a more budget-friendly option, stick with tried-and-true cotton for breathability that also keeps you warm.

2. Robes

Robes make great loungewear because they really up any outfit’s cozy factor. Robes are perfect for anyone from relaxation pros to those trying to work some downtime into their busy lives.

Try a silk robe for a soft touch in warmer climates or fleece if you’re battling some winter blues. Materials like terrycloth are perfect for absorbing water during your night routine so you don’t ever dread leaving your warm shower.

If coziness is your primary concern, look for similar material to your favorite blanket. Oversized and made from duvet-like material, the Snoozewear™ Blanket Robe helps you take the comfort of your bed with you throughout your day.

3. Athleisure

Athleisure like leggings, tank tops, and joggers can take you from downtime to game time without too much effort so you can focus all your energy on your workout. Some people find that the form-fitting nature of activewear isn’t ideal for loungewear while others value its versatility.

Athleisure is a great option for people who are always on the go because it’s appropriate for lounging, running errands, yoga, and working out so you won’t need to switch your outfit if your plans change. Stretchy materials like spandex are ideal because they ensure that your athleisure moves with your body.

4. Slippers

Supplement your favorite loungewear ensemble with accessories that keep you warm and comfortable all day. You should have options from your head to your toes, so make sure to pick out the right slippers that will keep your feet toasty all day.

The foam in our Snoozewear™ Slippers is ultra-soft and durable for comfort that lasts. They have you (and your feet!) covered for when you get up off the couch and grab a snack mid-commercial. These slippers also feature a durable sole that’s designed to last, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to stay warm and protect their floors from any tracked-in dirt.


Can I Wear Loungewear in Public?

Feel free to take your loungewear outside if you want to — life’s too short to keep your comfort locked away. With trends like athleisure rising in popularity, no one will bat an eye if you venture out in your favorite loungewear. 

What Is the Purpose of Loungewear?

Loungewear lets you get ready for whatever your day has in store. It keeps you just as comfortable as staying in your pajamas, but you get to look and feel a bit more put together.

How Can I Style Loungewear?

If you’re looking to leave the house, it’s easy to dress your loungewear up a bit. Wear a matching set or style a nice sweater with your favorite lounge bottoms to incorporate loungewear in your day-to-day outfits.

What Materials Are Best for Loungewear?

Because comfort is the key to good loungewear, stick to the fabrics that you feel best in. Clothes that feel like blankets and are made from ultra-soft materials like microsuede ensure that your just-woke-up comfort from the morning lasts all day.

Consider materials based on your plans. If you think you might want to sneak in a gym sesh later, look for stretchy clothes that will keep you dry while you sweat it out. Worried about overheating? Lightweight fibers, like silk, stay soft and help keep you cool.

What Is the Difference Between Activewear and Loungewear?

Even though activewear and loungewear have opposite names, these clothing types look very similar. Activewear is clothing meant for working out, while loungewear is for relaxing. 

Because lounging and working out are two situations where it’s important to feel comfortable, there are lots of similarities between ensembles. Just make sure that you’re changing into clean loungewear if you’re relaxing after a gym sesh.

Take a Day Off and Lounge with Casper

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