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August 12, 2022 | Casper Editorial Team

Your bed is your sanctuary. It’s a small space to cuddle up and relax, enjoy your favorite book, and, of course, sleep. And the best beds are dream-inducing at any time of day—not just when your eyes are closed. That’s the kind of bed you deserve.

Creating a dreamy, cozy bed to snuggle into is about more than just the mattress (even though it does play a vital role). To craft the comfiest, softest, most inviting setup, you’ll want to take a holistic approach to your sleep environment—we’re talking high-quality cotton sheets, a customizable bed frame, the perfect pillows, mattress topper, and more.

If you’re looking to kick your snooze game up a notch, follow these five tips on how to make your bed cozy. Before you know it, you’ll be catching your Zs in pure bliss.

1. Invest in the Most Comfortable Mattress

First and foremost, a dreamy sleep setup starts with a comfortable bed. With most of us spending at least one-third of our lives in bed, selecting the right mattress is a must.

Your first instinct when shopping for a “cozy” bed may be to find a mattress you can sink into. In reality, comfort is all about sinking into the right places. 

Depending on your sleep preferences, a comfortable mattress will look different for everyone. If you struggle with backpain, a firm mattress might be what you consider comfortable. With a Wave Hybrid Mattress from Casper, you’ll be cradled and supported where it matters for an ache-free slumber—no matter how late you sleep in. For those that sleep hot, coziness may be synonymous with coolness. If that sounds like you, your dreamy sleep setting may require a cooling mattress with better airflow and a cool-to-the-touch feel.

Whether a soft, plush mattress or firm, supportive mattress sounds cozy to you, Casper has a comfortable mattress that will surely upgrade your slumber.

2. Add a Layer of Plush Support With a Mattress Topper

To add an extra layer of cushion and support, consider purchasing a mattress topper. Mattress toppers are an effective—and affordable—way to transform any old bed into a comfy bed you’ll never want to leave. They also can make a new mattress even more comfortable.

Casper’s Comfy Mattress Topper uses multi-layered foam to provide you with soft support for a cozy bed.

3. Pick Out a Handful of Plush Pillows

When you picture a comfy bed, you probably envision a setup with at least a dozen pillows. Well, you’re not far off—pillows are paramount to a cozy slumber. And while some of your 10+ pillows might be more on the decorative side, the ones you actually sleep on can make or break your quest for comfort.

So how many pillows should you sleep with? Whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, having at least two usable pillows per person is ideal for comfort and versatility. You can stack them to sit up while reading, make a fluffy pillow fort, or switch between the two depending on your mood.

For a fluffier-than-ever feel, cover your bed with down pillows. For a squishier, more supportive experience, opt for a foam pillow (or three). 

Whether you need pillows to comfortably rest your head or decorative throw pillows to get the cozy look, Casper has it all. 

Ultimately, when it comes to a blissful bed setup, you can never have too many pillows.

4. Choose the Best Bedding

A dreamy, cozy bed goes far beyond the mattress and pillows. Once you’ve picked out your favorite options, it’s time to cover them with the best of the best.

True coziness begins when you’re snug as a bug under the covers. Curate a cozy bedroom with:

  • A duvet – Plushy, lightweight duvets keep you warm and cozy year-round. A breathable down duvet or down alternative duvet is your ticket to a toasty snooze that stops just short of night sweats.
  • A heated blanket – There’s no need to wait for your natural body heat to warm up the bed on a cold winter’s night. For a game-changing move, place a heated blanket under the sheets, turn it on a few minutes before bed, and let the warmth radiate up from below you.
  • A weighted blanket – Sometimes coziness means being hugged in from all sides—even from above. With a 10, 15, or 20-pound weighted blanket, you can feel calm and cozy all at once, especially if you struggle with anxiety or insomnia.
  • A quilt or throw blanket – In the warmer months, you still want to be tucked in. Try an Everyday Quilt + Sham Set for all-season comfort or a Waffle Throw Blanket for that extra layer of softness.

For all your bedding needs, Casper has something for everyone. Find a plush duvet or soft quilt to add to your sleep setup.

5. Upgrade to High Quality Sheets

Pillow covers and sheets do more than keep your bed clean—they can also improve your overall comfort level.

When looking for the softest sheet material for a cozy bed, you have three main options (depending on your preferences):

  • Flannel – Made with 100% cotton that has been brushed for maximum softness, flannel sheets are the epitome of comfort. Warm yet breathable, lightweight yet cozy, flannel is an all-around winner.
  • SateenSateen sheets are also made from 100% cotton, but they don’t feel like flannel. The difference is in the weave: sateen is ultra-smooth and extra-warm, making it ideal for cold-weather coziness.
  • Percale – If you want coziness without sweating up a storm, percale sheets are for you. Made with 100% organic cotton, they’re oh-so-soft and surprisingly breathable.

As for pillowcases, it’s all about how they feel on your face. If you want something cozy, yet luxurious, a smooth, crisp Mulberry silk pillowcase may fit the bill while protecting your hair and skin at the same time.

Does cozy sound like lightweight breathable sheets or does it sound like soft warm sheets? Either way, Casper has a set of bedsheets that will take your bed to an even cozier level.

6. Layer on Cozy Throws 

When you think of snuggling up for a quick nap, a throw blanket can be your go-to. Add one or two throw blankets to the end of your bed to add warm layers that invited you to dive in.

You can find throw blankets in a variety of materials and weaves to curate a cozy vibe you love. At Casper, you can choose cotton for a soft, lightweight feel or wool for a warm, sweater-soft feel.

7. Choose the Right Bed Frame

Because your body doesn’t make direct contact with your bed frame, you may not think of it as making a difference in your coziness factor. But an inadequate frame can take your cloud-like mattress from dreamy to droopy. To that end, choosing your bed frame is almost as important as picking out a mattress—after all, it is the literal foundation of a good night’s sleep.

So, how can you ensure that your frame lives up to the rest of your cozy bedroom setup? First, you have the bed frame basics. No matter how you like to sleep, every bed frame should:

  • Have slats no more than four inches apart (for proper support)
  • Be made of solid wood, steel, or both (to stand the test of time)

For a truly luxurious sleep, you can go beyond the basics and upgrade your bed frame. If coziness is your ultimate goal, you have two choices:

  • An upholstered bed frame – Why not make everything soft and cozy? With a high-backed upholstered bed frame, you’ll never need to experience that moment of shock when your hand brushes against cold metal or wood. Plus, if you want to sit up in your comfy cocoon, your plush headboard doubles as a backrest.
  • An adjustable bed frame – If you’re looking for that transcendental experience, an adjustable bed frame gives you total control. By raising the head and foot of your mattress, you can create the ultimate nest. Alternatively, you can lift your head upward to minimize snoring—and nothing says “cozy” like blissful silence!

Build the foundation for a cozy bed with Casper. Whether you want to adjust your sleep setup with an adjustable bed frame or desire a completely plush sleeping arrangement, Casper can help.

Coziness Starts with Casper

Whether you’re building a dreamy, comfortable bed from scratch or looking to elevate your current setup, you’ll find everything you need at Casper. We’re all about coziness that doesn’t sacrifice performance—because everyone deserves the bed of their dreams.

Discover how to make a cozy bed with Casper today.


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