What is the Size of a Twin Mattress?

February 28, 2023 | Casper Editorial Team

For many twin-size mattress shoppers, the simple, versatile twin mattress comes with a lifetime of fun adventures and happy memories. This includues childhood bedrooms, on vacation, or when we went away to college.  As a result, most of us are pretty sure we know the size of a twin mattress.

At least, we think we know, until we buy a pair of cozy new sheets and discover they’re too long… or way too short. That’s because twin mattresses actually come in two sizes—twin and twin XL. They’re the same width, but twin XL mattresses are about five inches longer.1

Knowing the mattress dimensions of your twin bed is the first step toward a better night’s sleep, whether you’re upgrading your mattress or refreshing your bedding with unique designs created to maximize those zzzs. 

Measuring the Size of a Twin Mattress

So, what exactly is the size mattress of a standard twin—and how do you know if this size mattress is the right fit for you? 

Sleep experts recommend both the twin mattress type and twin XL mattress type for a single sleeper since, at about 38 inches wide, they’re comfortable for the typical adult or child single sleeper.1 Meanwhile, twin XL mattresses run 80 inches long—the same length as a queen mattress—so they can work well if you’re over six feet tall.1 Classic twin mattresses run 75 inches long and will comfortably fit anyone under six feet tall.1 

When deciding what size of twin mattress makes the most sense for you, we recommend considering the following factors:

  • Your body and sleep style – The size of your body and whether or not you sleep with a partner can affect which standard twin makes the most sense for you.
  • Your budget – While costs can vary by brand, smaller mattresses often prove more cost-effective if you’re on a budget. For example, a twin mattress typically costs less than a twin XL mattress.1 
  • Your space – If you’re choosing a bed size for a smaller room, a smaller mattress could help you use your space more efficiently and help the room feel more spacious. Similarly, a larger mattress can help a larger room feel welcoming and well-balanced.

At Casper, both twin and twin XL mattresses are available from our incredibly popular One Mattress and Dream Hybrid Mattress styles. 

Advantages of a Twin Mattress

Whether you lean toward the twin or twin XL version, a well-designed twin mattress balances luxurious comfort with ultimate design flexibility.

Here are some reasons why we love the twin mattress:

  • It helps maximize space – Whether you’re planning on putting multiple beds in a larger room size or one bed in a smaller room size, choosing a twin bed leaves more room in your bedroom for everything else you love. It can also help the room feel more spacious in general. There is a good reason it’s a popular mattress size for guest rooms, children’s rooms, and city living.
  • It allows for bunk bed and lofted bed options – If you’re looking for a bit more floor space and an air of whimsy, interior designers are increasingly recommending bunk bed solutions.2 Many bunk beds and lofted bed options are explicitly designed for twin mattresses. 
  • It can double as a daybed – If you like your twin bed to double as a cozy seating area during the day, try pairing it with a daybed-style bed frame that features a sideboard and piling it high with your preferred pillows.

While knowing the mattress size you want can help you shop more efficiently, paying attention to how a mattress feels is also important. For example, if you love the soft support of our Nova Hybrid Mattress or the advanced cooling technology of our Snow Max, it might make sense to upgrade to a twin XL, even if you don’t personally need the extra foot room. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding the best mattress that feels amazing on your body so you can enjoy a deep, luxurious sleep. 

Choosing Bedding for Your Twin Mattress

Once you know the mattress dimensions of your twin, you’ll know what size of twin mattress bedding to look for. Whether you’re looking for a more supportive pillow or sheets that help you sleep cool all night long, investing in bedding designed for your specific sleep goals can help you customize your comfort and enjoy a deeper rest.


Everyone’s body is different, which means we all have different sleep needs. We recommend considering the following qualities when deciding which sheets can give you the best possible sleep:

  • Breathability – If you tend to sleep hot, consider choosing fabrics with maximum breathability for a cool, refreshing sleep. For example, the Casper Hyperlite Sheet Set uses a unique combination of 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell and a distinct grid weave for ultimate comfort and breathability. 
  • Natural organic fibers – If you love cotton sheets’ classic, cool feel, why not treat yourself to the best? Our Percale Sheet Set, Supersoft Sheet Set, and Sateen Sheet Set are all made with 100% organic cotton and designed to keep you comfortable all night long. 
  • Softness – If you love deliciously soft sheets, we recommend either our Supersoft Sheet Set or our Sateen Sheet Set.

You may also see thread count mentioned as a way to measure quality. While it’s generally true that a higher thread counts means a higher caliber sheet, thread count is only half the story. The quality and type of the fiber used to make the sheet can also play a huge role in how a sheet feels when you sleep on it.3 Ultimately, the only metric that matters is the quality of your sleep.

Comforter and Blankets

We all know it’s easier to fall asleep when you’re not too hot or cold. Choosing the right comforter and blankets for your bed size—and the climate you live in—can help you find that Goldilocks-approved, just-right temperature all year round. 

Unlike with sheets, there’s more wiggle room when it comes to choosing the right size of comforters and blankets for your twin size bed. For instance, you can absolutely use a full-size comforter on your twin-size bed, but you’ll end up with some extra blanket coverage on the sides of your bed—perfect if you like to use the area under your bed for some discreet, extra storage.

Once you know what size to pick, here are our tips for finding the best blankets and comforters for you:

  • Layer – If you find yourself changing temperatures throughout the night, try layering your preferred comforter with a Bold, Pinstripe Plaid, or Waffle Throw Blanket. Then you can adjust as needed throughout the night and slip right back into sleep.
  • Consider a lightweight and low-humidity duvet – If you sleep hot, try a duvet that will keep you cool and comfortable. For example, the Lightweight Humidity Fighting Duvet features a layer of naturally moisture wicking merino wool to help you avoid overheating while you sleep. 
  • Try a weighted blanket – Research suggests that using a weighted blanket could help reduce insomnia and improve sleep, particularly for people with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and bipolar disorder.4 We designed our Weighted Blanket to help you relax and experience a calming, cozy sensation as you drift off to sleep. 
  • Avoid allergens – Some sleepers are allergic to certain common bedding materials like wool or down fill feathers. If you’re allergic or otherwise dislike certain bedding materials, keep an eye out for alternate versions that won’t irritate your skin. For example, if you love the feel of a down comforter but it makes you a bit sneezy, consider the Down-Alt Duvet, made with recycled polyester that mimics down.

Once you’ve decided on the type of bedding you want to try, give yourself permission to play around with color and texture. After all, you want your bed to feel like an inviting, attractive space when bedtime rolls around. 


For a twin bed, you typically won’t need more than one or two pillows. So why not treat yourself to a pillow you’ll truly love? 

Different types of pillows can support different types of sleeping positions. For example, if you sleep on your side, you may require a different type of pillow support compared to someone who sleeps on their back.5

Here are the pillows we recommend for different sleep positions:

  • Slide sleepers – Side sleepers can experience neck pain if they don’t receive sufficient neck support from their pillows.6 CNN rated the Casper Hybrid Pillow as one of the best pillows for side sleepers because of its softness, support, and cooling technology.5
  • Front sleepers – The Casper Hybrid Pillow also rated highly with stomach sleepers for its softness and shape.5
  • Back sleepers – Back sleepers also tend to require more support to avoid neck pain. Sleep Foundation rated our Original Casper Pillow as excellent for back sleepers because of its supportive structure.6
  • All over sleepers – If you tend to rotate through a variety of sleep positions—we see you, wiggle worms—critics recommend our Original Casper Pillow for its longevity and classic snuggly feel.7

If you’re unsure which pillow types would work best for you, we’d recommend looking for pillows that come with a trial period. At Casper, we offer 30-day risk-free trials for our pillows, so that you can make sure you’ve found a pillow you’ll love for years.

Refresh Your Sleep with Casper

At Casper, we combine sleep science with innovative design to help the world sleep better. Whether you’re on the hunt for a better twin-sized mattress or the perfect pillow, we offer wildly popular sleep products designed with you in mind. 

Because we believe that great sleep changes everything. 


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